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Choosing the best lighting solutions
Choosing the best lighting solutions for your needs and budget

There are many different types of lighting; down lights, spotlights, fluorescents and uplighters being just a small selection of the many products available. Indeed, there is such a variety that some confusion can occur as to what a specific types of lighting is used for.

Down lights are used in both residential and commercial buildings; one of the most common uses is for exterior veranda lighting so people can see to put their keys in the lock of their front or back door. They are available in a range of wattages and styles.

Spotlights have a similar purpose to down lights in that they provide a small centered light, but people tend to use spotlights to showcase items, such as in display cabinets. They give off a bright light and are used to show products to their best advantages in both commercial and residential settings.

Fluorescents are commonly used in schools, offices and kitchens; they provide a wide strip of even lighting that is not too harsh on the eyes. They do, however, tend to be quite power hungry, so a lot of people use alternatives to save themselves money.

Uplighters, such as uplighter lamps, are often found in living rooms and/or offices. They give off a warm glow without a direct beam at people, which can be a lot easier on the eyes. This is often called a ‘downs pill’ of light. You can buy both large uplighters and small, wall mounted versions.

Uplighters are very popular in the homes of those who prefer the ‘minimalist’ approach to decorating, as they give off a clean light without taking up much room. They are also available in different designs and colors, which means they are very versatile and can be used with a wide range of room designs.

The majority of lighting products are available in low voltage versions, for those who are conscious of their energy bills and usage. In these days of the ‘Credit Crunch’, many people are choosing to cut down on how many lights they have on when at home, and the lights they do use have been converted to low voltage bulbs. This is to help save money, but some people are surprised when they find that buying cheaper alternatives doesn’t necessarily mean they have to change their approach to their room décor.

Homes are not the only places people are choosing to be energy efficient, however. Many commercial and office buildings are also taking this into account, and looking to buy more cost effective lighting solutions for their business. Additionally, some lights are actually better for the eyes than others, and will help to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for staff and business owners alike.

Whatever type of lighting is right for either your home and or business, there is a huge range to choose from. The four types mentioned above are only a small range, and it is important that thorough research is carried out when deciding what type of lighting to install that will be best for everybody and your personal allocated budget