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Current situation of LED Driver
Current situation of LED Driver
   Many people are curious to know why there exist much of price differences among different manufacturers, while their LED Drivers have the same capacity and same IC scheme. 
LED Driver is something new. It contains three different kinds of companies. First of all, it is directly transfer from original liner power supply companies; secondly it is from lighting trading company; the last one is from companies from other industries who see the LED market prospect and hope to make a proven successful record in LED industry. 
On a corporate level, price difference does not depend on the driver component itself, but on the different supports behind the products. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, LED Driver manufactures of a certain scale, will establish a series of professional development system, substances control system, product quality system and production system, and afford its social responsibility, taxes and dues. 
LED Driver manufactures of small scale often do not have a perfect structure to be responsible for after-sale maintenance. They concentrate on purely immediate gains, raped and overdraft the social attention rate and development perspectives. In conclusion different price of LED Driver is depending on standardization and profession of manufactures
Then how to select good LED Driver quickly and accurately?  As the core component of LED Lighting fixture, its function has a direct effect on lighting fixture’s lumen output, stability of light output and long life. With more devise categories of LED Lighting fixtures, LED Driver also shows up more variety. Moreover, devised driver solutions also tag well with the same lighting fixture. 
At present, LED Driver can be devised into different types by different function. E.g. low power driver and high power driver, since it has different output power; as well as AC-DC/DC-DC, isolated and non-isolated circuit with different circuit arrangement; single voltage and total voltage by electric type; internal drive and external drive by installation, and so on. All in all then, demands for LED Lighting fixtures create the diversity of LED Driver, thus it cause a big confusion to manufacturer’s designers and purchasers at choosing proper LED Driver. 
Currently Integrated circuit(IC), as a core part for LED Driver, has hundreds and thousands types for selection, meanwhile has dozens of mainstream manufacturers. A good quality LED Driver must have a stable engine. IC is so important to LED Driver; it determines driver’s function, such as power, current, circuit structure and cost. Choosing a suitable IC for LED Driver is also very complicate.